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Sweet Country Intro

This screening will be introduced by Dr Jonathan Rayner, Reader in Film Studies at the University of Sheffield, School of English. His research interests include genre films, auteur cinema, and cinema and landscape studies. Since the 1990s he has researched and published widely on contemporary Australian cinema.

Film details

Accused of murder, an Aboriginal stockman and his wife try to stay ahead of a fervent posse in the harsh landscape of the Northern Territory. An outback western in the tradition of John Hillcoat’s The Proposition and inspired by real events, this story of personal conviction and settler justice set in the stark panoramas of Australia’s Northern Territory eloquently explores questions of race, gender and colonialism. A deeply resonant work that elevates director Warwick Thornton (Samson and Delilah) to the higher echelons of contemporary filmmakers, it also makes fine use of a veteran cast including Bryan Brown and Sam Neill.

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