Specialist Devising Workshop with YESYESNONO

Are you interested in theatre?
Are you aged 16 – 18 in Manchester?
Do you have something to say about mass media today?

YESYESNONO are looking for young people (16-18) to take part in a free workshop on specialist devising practises. Alongside the making process of their new show ‘the accident did not take place’ at HOME, we are holding a new workshop on specialist devising practises, including live-camera streaming and audience participation. We want to provide a space for you to talk about the ways in which mass media present truth to us today, and for to creatively explore that in a devised theatre setting. Talk freely, learn new skills and dig deeper into what theatre can do.

Workshop will take place on Tue 16 Jul at 18.00. Workshops are free, free pizza will be provided for all attendees and all travel costs will be covered.