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Sonic Postcards

Run by Sonic Arts Network, the national organisation which explores the art of sound, Sonic Postcards is an innovative education project taking place in primary, secondary, PRU and special schools across the UK. The project explores and compares the local sound environments of young people who live in contrasting regions and locations. Unlike an ordinary picture postcard, a Sonic Postcard is a snapshot of sound instead of image, which captures a unique environment.

Cornerhouse Education collaborated with Sonic Arts Network on two projects in May 2006 at Chatsworth High School in Salford and Turton High School Media Arts College in Bolton. Alongside Sonic Postcards workshop leaders and composers Pippa Murphy and Ross Dalziel, Cornerhouse filmmakers Adela Jones and Mark Haig worked with the students to create the visual elements of the postcards. The postcards were premiered at a special event at Cornerhouse on 23rd June 2006.

To listen and watch the postcards, click on www.sonicpostcards.org and ‘select school’

These projects have been supported by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation and by Awards for All.


Chatsworth High School, May 2006

Teacher: Stephanie Miller

Carers: Jane Drum, Gaynor Norris, Sarah O’Mara

Pupils: Aaron Hayes, Ragen Hughes, Simon Hughes, Jack Moran, Dane Palmer, Mat Shelley, Matthew Tomlinson

Teacher: Gayle Myers

Carers: Amanda Fink, Angela Hagen, Jacky Filer

Pupils: Sophie Heardman, Jack Jones, Rebecca O’Brien, Yaakov Rosen, Aaron Sweeney-Roberts

Composer: Pippa Murphy

Filmmaker: Adela Jones

Project Manager: Dan Stone

Turton High School Media Arts College, May 2006

Teacher: Emma Johnson

Pupils: Yr 9

Composer: Pippa Murphy

Shadow Workshop Leader: Ross Dalziel

Animator: Mark Haig

Assistant Animator: Marisa Draper

Assistant Animator: David Cowx

Project Manager: Dan Stone