Something for Everyone: Celebrating 70 Years of the NHS

To mark the establishment of a national health service in the UK, we celebrate with a season of films that champion, poke fun at and critique various aspects of and attitudes to the much loved, and defended institution.

Previously in this season

White Corridors

WHITE CORRIDORS is one of celebrated wartime documentary maker Pat Jackson's later forays into the world of fiction. The film tells a number of engaging…

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Britannia Hospital

A black comedy that commented on Thatcher's Britain. On the eve of a Royal visit, a strike at a hospital results in mayhem.

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Alexander Mackendrick’s Ealing drama Mandy is a film whose sentiments remain as pertinent today as they did in the 1950s. The film’s central character is…

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The Citadel

A stellar cast present the story of a doctor in the Welsh Valleys who, confronted with the illness of the miners he treats, decides something…

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Carry On Double Bill

A double bill of two of the best loved Carry On NHS set films, both of which gently poke fun at some of the pressures…

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Carry On Double Bill Introduction

This double bill will be introduced by Dr Lloyd Peters, Senior Lecturer and MA Media Production Programme Leader at University of Salford.

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Between the stammer and le mot juste

Between the stammer and le mot juste screens with Apostasy from Sat 28 –Mon 30 Jul as part of the Something for Everyone: Celebrating 70…

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