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Slate Legacy Socials

HOME was very proud to be one of the partner organisations on Eclipse’s Slate programme which over three years supported over 2,000 Black artists, and fellow artists also marginalised for their race, in the North to work locally, nationally and internationally.

Building upon the Slate legacy we want to continue to provide opportunities to support and engage with Black artists, and fellow artists who are also marginalised for their race living and making work in the North West.

Our first step is to continue with a series of Slate Legacy Socials, bringing together artists to talk about next steps, plan together and provide ongoing support during these difficult times. The Slate Legacy Socials will be a virtual space to meet other artists in an informal setting. Whatever art form you’re working in, whether you’re starting out or an old hand, this space is for you! Join us and help shape the future of our movement.

Socials will be led by former Slate Enabler, Adam Lowe, who will be on hand to discuss our plans and listen to your needs as we shape future opportunities. Adam is a writer, publisher and producer living in Manchester.

Sessions for 2020 will take place at 5-8pm on;

07 September
05 October
02 November
07 December