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Show & Tell Oct 2018

Come and get a taste of what’s happening in the minds of the city’s creatives, as we bring artists, designers, makers and creatives of all fields to talk about their practice, projects or sources of inspiration in five minutes flat.
In October we welcome Jass Thethi,  One Five West, Emmanuel Bajiiji, Jack Brown, Sarah Spanton, Jamie Finlay, Joe Hyde and Violet Blonde.

Speakers details

  • Jass Thethi, Library and Museum professional passionate about fair representation and diversity in archives and exhibitions, will talk empowered collaboration, why it is important and the great projects that can come out of it.
  • Artist duo One Five West, (Anna Horton and Sophie Bullock) who make artworks using digital technology that encourages physical interaction, collaboration and play in real spaces.Their aim is to create work that both an academic and a child could understand and enjoy, so that they can distribute ideas to a wide range of people in an accessible, fair and fun way. Anna and Sophie will be talking about our methods of using conversation, collaboration and play to make work on some recent projects.
  • Actor, Writer, Director and Storyteller Emmanuel Bajiiji who will talk about his journey exploring all facets of creativity and the importance of storytelling in all aspects of life.
  • Jack Brown, a socially engaged artist working across a range of mediums whose work looks at the overlooked, things that should be given more than a passing glance, moments that would benefit from magnification. Often as a counterbalance to Brown’s socially engaged practice, his work plays with ideas of placement, slightness, observation and interaction. Jack will be talking about a few projects he is working on at the moment, why he makes what he makes and how working in education has influenced his practice.
  • Sarah Spanton, who works at the intersection of community-led planning, regeneration, economic development and creative practices. Sarah will talk about how, following a career in the arts for over 25 years, she retrained in Urban Regeneration and Development and opened-up her practice to engage with issues of agency, co-design and co-production in the urban landscape – asking the question how what are the futures of our cities and how will we all live and work together in them?
  • Sound Designer, Composer & Audio Director Jamie Finlay. Jamie makes sound & music for a wide range of mediums including games, film, experiential media, art & installations. He will talk about his practice, the value of excellent audio design and how he uses sound and music to create memorable experiences.
  • Joe Hyde, one half  of Fram and Dunt and 61 year old IT consultant who was persuaded by his daughter to literally run away with the circus last year and ended up opening CircusFest 2018 at the RoundHouse in London.
  • Violet Blonde, a multidisciplinary artist exploring the potential for cathartic release of trauma. Drawing upon grotesque, autobiography and a queer sensibility, her practice includes performance, composition, writing and as part of a melancholic musical duo with drag-daughter Beau Blonde. Projects include dystopian space musical, ETA CARINA (commissioned by the Royal Exchange Theatre for Co:LAB Festival 2018), a collaboration with The Kommander (K.Olsen) and artist Clare McNulty; alt-drag hijinks with The Family Gorgeous, and poem “Midnight Meat,” calling out trans-fetishisation – published as part of A queer anthology of rage (Pilot Press, 2018). At Show and Tell she is going to speak about the development of her performance aesthetic and her personal relationship to the ‘tranimal’ subgenre of drag.