Show & Tell Oct 2015

Discover what the creative scene has to offer in and around Manchester as artists, members of creative digital agencies and creatives at large talk about their practice, projects or source of inspiration in 5 minutes sharp. The perfect way to get inspired on a Saturday afternoon, one small bite at a time!


Debs Gatenby, local writer, comedienne, and solo theatre artist, will talk about why her next autobiographical show, A Place Called Happiness, is being made, and how liberating and challenging it is to do this work.

Photographer, artist, filmmaker Andrew Brooks will share some of the ideas behind his work and talk about the role collaboration can play in pushing your practice forward.

Alan Ionita, startup advisor and account planner at Digital Creative Agency Bliss, will be talking about how plants and tech can work together to create the farm of the future and what it’s like to be part of that future today.

Mike Todd-Miller, designer and coder at interactive agency Stardotstar, will talk about making music and trying to squeeze a personal project into everyday life.

Salford-based artist Daniel Glenister, whose painting practice explore changes in his local environment. His paintings deal with layers of change, from chaotic mark making to a structured facade, a cycle of old and new. A process of exploration of balance.

Graphic designer Adam Stanway, designer at creative agency Vivid and co-founder of Manchester Moleskine

Lisa Lorenz, art director and founder of NOUS magazine, a Manchester-based publication dedicated to conversations about mental illness and society.