Show & Tell May 2017

Discover Manchester’s creative scene as artists, designers and makers talk about their practice, projects or sources of inspiration in five minutes flat.

Speakers include

  • Accumulations members Dani Abulhawa & Sara Spies who will talk about their most recent project and try and untangle some of their thoughts about creating and maintaining freedom – as artists, as women, as human beings.
  • Storyteller & Maker Nikky Norton Shafau, whose ambition is to transform into a storybook. Nikky creates bespoke live experiences for brands and organistations as well as developing her own narratives in unusual spaces (think rooftops, secret gardens and canals at night.)
  • Visual artist John Powelll Jones, whose practice deals with themes of perception, power structures and personal reality, an ongoing study on degrees of separation that we put in place in regards to certain aspects of morality, namely in relation to the meat industry.
  •  Brandon M. Bizzle , musician, visual artist, gig promoter, and manager of local record labels Traffic MCR & You Might Not Like This
  • Toby Burkill, senior designer at Ayup Digital by day, professional amateur maker by night. Enjoys using 3D printers, lasers and CNC machines to make ’things’, including building futuristic film props for sci-fi movies.