Show & Tell – Jun 2018

Come and get a taste of what’s happening in the minds of the city’s creatives, as we bring artists, designers, makers and creatives of all fields to talk about their practice, projects or sources of inspiration in five minutes flat.
Speakers include
  • Rebecca Rae-Evans (@rebeccawho) is an activist, cat enthusiast and pro-social digital strategist. She’ll be talking about how she co-founded Tech For Good Live, a series of events and podcasts that explore – you guessed it – all the ways technology can be used to have a positive impact on the world.
  • Multi media artist and composer Michael-Jon Mirza, who will talk about his collaboration with designer Yinka Danmole on Sound of a People, a piece that explores the use of language and how it influences perceptions in society.
  • Artist and Creative Producer Bren O’Callaghan who explores collaboration, play and creative compulsion with project ranging from the popular Sketch-O-Matic, Scratch ’n Sniff Cinema, Robot Body-Pop to producing Peaches Christ Productions’ immersive cinema presentations in the UK. Bren will be talking about why he is folding 1,000 crisp packets and his early research into a full-size, functioning carousel of 1970s mantelpiece ornaments.
  • Sophie Bullock, a multi media artist exploring how digital interfaces can facilitate physical interactions and play in the real world
  • Artist Jonathon Beaver who works with embroidery, exploring queer and genealogical themes. He will discuss working with the archives Department at The University of Liverpool and what came out of this residency.
  • Chris Fisher – aka the blind woodturner – who will talk about how a vampire stake was pivotal to the journey he took learning how to woodturn after contracting Toxoplasmosis and losing his sight.

With more to be announced…