Show & Tell Jan 2018

Come and get a taste of what’s happening in the minds of the city’s creatives, as we bring eight artists, designers, makers and creatives of all fields to talk about their practice, projects or sources of inspiration in five minutes flat.

  • Lauren Coulman, founder of social change consultancy Noisy Cricket  who will talk about the cultural issues around body image and how she came to start the body positive campaign Free To Be OK with Me
  • Writer, comedian and theatremaker Jack Nicholls will discuss experimental performance event series FLIM NITE which he co-founded and is now a regular event in Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield.
  • Artist, photographer and filmmaker Megan Powell, who will talk about her forthcoming collaborative project about art and survival.
  • Writer and Theatre Maker Fereshteh Mozaffari who will talk about how she moved from journalism to creative writing, all the wonderful collaborators she met along the way and her forthcoming one woman show project.
  • Artist, Musician, Creative Technologist and maker of wonderful things James Medd
  • Writer, curator, cultural activist and emerging visual artist Khalil West