Sembène and after: 40 years of African Cinema

The ‘father of African Cinema’, Ousmane Sembène , died in June 2007. Sembène directed BLACK GIRL, the first feature film from ‘Sub-Saharan Africa’ in 1966, at the age of 43 and went on to make a further eight critically acclaimed features.

Since 1966, Africa has produced several other distinguished filmmakers, despite the real practical problems of making films in many African countries. The course will explore Sembène’s legacy of a political cinema that offers an “evening class for the people” and contrast it with the work of other filmmakers, mostly in Francophone Africa, but also with the recent expansion of ‘Nollywood’ – the massive video film industry of Nigeria and Ghana.

Led by Roy Stafford, Freelance Film Lecturer

Beginners’ Level – no prior knowledge necessary

£60.00 full / £45.00 concs.