Sell Your Art Not Your Soul: Copywriting Workshop

In this workshop, you’ll learn some of the tricks of writing copy that helps sell your creativity without compromising your principles.
The session is aimed at artists and creatives who regularly need to promote their work but is also useful to anyone who wants to add a bit of commercial know-how to their writing.
The session is run by an experienced copywriter who will also be happy to look at anything you’re working on at the moment. He’ll be talking less about the correct use of apostrophes and more about what you can do to be compelling with your words. And he promises it will be more fun than school.

Ted McDermott is a Senior Copywriter at leading digital agency AmazeRealise. For over 20 years he’s written words for many different things including fast cars, sunny holidays, ladypants and, most controversially, lawyers.

  • £7 full / £6 conc