Segundo de Chomón Silent shorts (PG) + live musical accompaniment

We are pleased to present a selection of mesmerising shorts from Segundo de Chomón, a master of European silent cinema with new musical accompaniment from Die Kunst.

Often dubbed the Spanish Méliès, Segundo de Chomón was an innovator of Spanish cinema who worked across Europe as a director and cinematographer, working on a number of high-profile productions including Abel Gance’s Napoleon (1927). In his pioneering trick films, suffused with images of devils, sorcery and mysticism, Chomón experiments with pixilation, morphing techniques and double exposure.

Die Kunst is an ongoing musical collaboration between Richard Hylton, Martin Vincent and David Mackintosh. The collaboration takes the form of an experimental rock band, performing its particular brand of ‘rock’ in art galleries.

This special event brings together the power of live performance with the mysticism of films such as: Le Scarabée d’or (1907), Excursión Incoherente (1909) and Metempsycose (1907).

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Certificate: PG
Running time approx: 45 mins