If Last Place On Earth was your home, what scents would you like it to emit? What smells would bring you a sense of peace and comfort or remind you of a fond memory?

Join Future 20 artist, Melissa Sorrell for this one-hour sensory online workshop on how to create your own scented memory pouch. A personal object to remind you of the past or future that you can place in your home to create feelings of positivity in these strange times. This workshop is open anyone interested in how different smells can affect your body and mind, where Melissa will encourage you to use natural materials found within your home, garden or neighbourhood.

This event is for those aged 18+.

Please have the following materials to hand:
– Scissors
– Herbs and/or flowers (ideally ones that have fallen to the floor or please ask before you pick) Or dried herbs or herbal teabags from your kitchen
– Toilet paper/ kitchen roll for drying the flowers/herbs
– Old material/ fabric scraps / old rags / net curtain (size approx. 15x 15cm)
– Needle & thread (any colour, preferably thick) or an elastic band or string

– Ribbon/buttons to decorative your scented pouch
– Scented oils of your choice (e.g lavender, tea tree, vanilla etc)


  • Friday 28th Aug 11am – Please contact us to book
  • 8 places per workshop
  • You must be 18 or over to take part
  • Workshop will take place online on Zoom
  • Zoom link will be shared by email once booking is confirmed