Saturday Symposium: Luminous Dreams

This day event provides the opportunity to become more familiar with the work of cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa and also to learn more about the art of cinematography.

There will be talks from four guest speakers: Ignacio Durán Loera (Mexican Embassy), Dr Ceri Higgins (Trinity College, Carmarthen), Dolores Tierney (University of Sussex) and Jason Wood, author of The Faber Book of Mexican Cinema.

Ignacio Durán Loera will open the event with an overview of Mexican cinema and discussion of Figueroa’s status and place within the filmmaking industry. Ceri Higgins will provide information about Figueroa’s vast body of work and will discuss the art of the cinematographer. In her paper ‘Gabriel Figueroa – Behind the Myth’, Dolores Tierney will explore the working relationship between Gabriel Figueroa and director Emilio Fernández. Jason Wood presents the final paper of the morning, discussing the recent renaissance in Mexican cinema and bringing us up to date with contemporary Mexican cinematographers.

Following the lunch break, guest speakers will be joined by cinematographer Martín Boege (EL VIOLIN) for a panel discussion which will provide opportunity for audience members to ask questions.

The day culminates in a tour of the Gabriel Figueroa: One Hundred Years exhibition at the Instituto Cervantes.