SAFAR Film Festival 2024: On Dreams, Hopes and Realities

SAFAR Film Festival, the UK’s largest festival dedicated to cinema from the Arab world, returns to HOME in June 2024. 

The 2024 edition features a selection of exciting, new films from the Arab world, in-person Q&As with leading Arab filmmakers, and a first-look at an upcoming UK cinema release. 

This year’s festival aims to highlight a range of daily realities being faced across the Arab world and to reflect on how small hopes and bigger dreams co-exist within such contexts. 

How is it to be barred entry to your home while you watch war unfold through your phone? How is it to fight for independence as a woman within a maze of patriarchal laws? How does a family adapt when war is looming and an economic crisis is hitting hard? The filmmakers featured in this year’s edition articulately pose such questions and provide timely and personal insights into everyday battles which often remain unseen.

£1 Inspire Tickets are available for SAFAR screenings. Inspire Tickets make our events accessible for community groups, charities and voluntary organisations who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to attend for a variety of reasons. If you work with or know of a group you think would benefit from this, please get in touch:

SAFAR is supported by the BFI, awarding funds from the National Lottery, the British Council, the Bagri Foundation and the Barjeel Art Foundation.

This event is not included in the HOME Film Pass.

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