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Road Movies

From the earliest days of American cinema, the road movie has been synonymous with American culture and the image America has presented to the world. In its most basic form, the charting of a journey by an individual or group as they seek out some form of adventure, redemption or escape, is a sub-genre that ranks amongst American cinema’s most enduring gifts to contemporary film culture.

The season opens with Joseph Strick’s Road Movie and includes Aki Kaurismäki’s Leningrad Cowboys Go America; Richard Sarafian’s Vanishing Point and a selection of Wenders films. Also screening in the season is ROAD, an immersive non-linear screenwork which uses first person footage of a roadtrip across the American south west filmed on a handheld GH4 camera and sets this within a data-driven composed soundscape. Film by Driftwood. Music by Kevin Matthews.