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Queers of our City

Queeriosity is Manchester’s curious cabaret run by Donna Trump and Narcissa Nightshade. Ahead of their return as a weekly event this summer, Queeriosity presents a one-off theatre spectacular celebrating the extraordinary ‘Queers of our city’.

A diverse and eclectic line-up will shine a spotlight on twenty of the city’s queer artists and drag performers including:

Donna Trump – Narcissa Nightshade – Liquorice Black
Luna Myztic (representing The House of Ghetto) – Blaq Ivory
Coco Deville – Cake Boi – The Bolly Witch – Eva Serration
The Vicar’s Daughter – Lilly Snatchdragon – Mark Anthony
Christian Gray – Finley Letchford-Dobbs – Misty Chance
House of Noir – Cheddar Gorgeous – Lill – Monopoly Phonic – Frog Boi