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PUSH LAB – Mindful Morning Yoga

Start your morning the right way with some gentle movement, breathwork and meditation to get you feeling balanced, restored and energised.

Starting your day with a mindful yoga practice can help set you up for the day ahead and approach things with a more positive, calm and balanced mindset.

This one-hour class  (9-10am) can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their experience.

Tea/coffee and pastries will be provided after the session so you can relax into the day and perhaps get to know your classmates.

Please bring your own yoga mat with you. Social distancing will be in place. 

The session will be with Bianca Madanayake-Hailstone

About Bianca

As a Yoga Teacher and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist Bianca is able to Bianca’s focus is on bringing movement and mindfulness into different people’s lives. She does this in a light-hearted, fun and gentle way. She is great at creating calm and focus in the mind through mindfulness, breathwork and mellow ‘feel-good’ movement for the body. Bianca’s classes are challenging, playful and inclusive. They can be enjoyed by anyone-regardless of experience level.


Update 9 December 2021

Due to the announcement regarding covid regulations on 8 December, currently all the events in PUSH LAB have a limited capacity to allow for social distancing to take place. If the guidelines change the capacity will be increased.