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PUSH LAB – Into Digital: Reconfiguring a Creative Practice

*This event will take place online. You will be sent a link in advance of the event* 

Chaired by HOME Creative Technologist Dan Hett, this panel will discuss and explore the changing nature of our creative practices, as the cultural sector continues to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.

As artists, curators, and audiences we’re slowly spinning back up to activity over new and completely shifted digital terrain. How has our creative world changed, and what does this mean for the full spectrum of creative practitioner? Where do we go from here, and how do we start?

The first half of our discussion will focus on digitally adapted work and practice. Within the changing the restrictions of the pandemic, how were we pushed to move into a digital and online space? What were the challenges of having to pivot from live or physical work to online, and what did we learn? Has this shift changed the way in which you make work, reach audiences, and exist as an artist or entity?

Following a short break for a brew, the panel will shift their focus to discussing how you can begin to interrogate your own practice, and begin to explore the best technologies, platforms, and collaborators for new or reconfigured work. Which format, what approach, and what are the benefits and drawbacks? The panel will also dive into new forms of audience interaction in digital and online spaces, and look at what to consider around accessibility, sustainability, and participation.

This event will run from 10.30am – 12:00pm with a comfort break in between.

The Panel

Jason Crouch (Experienced MCR crossdisciplinary artist and academic)

Vicky Clarke (MCR independent sound artist and FutureEverything producer)

Rachel Briscoe (of Fast Familiar)

Symoné (Movement and theatre artist moving into early stage digital)

Who is this for?

This in conversation will look at both individual artists and organisational approaches to creative practice, therefore it is suitable for makers, visual artists, producers, directors, actors, venues, programmers you name it! All welcome.