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Preview/ La Cordillera de los sueños + introduction

Introduced by Dr Carlos van Tongeren, University of Manchester, on Sat 21 Mar.

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After covering the North in Nostalgia for the Light and the South in The Pearl Button, Patricio Guzmán turns to the Andes, what he calls “the vast revealing backbone of Chile’s past and recent history.” Having left Chile more than 40 years ago when the military dictatorship took over the democratically-elected government, this personal piece expresses the sadness of exile and mourns the more joyous and egalitarian national identity that Chile lost in the coup.

The film’s second half pays tribute to cameraman Pablo Salas, who remained there after the Pinochet coup to film protest and oppression. Salas’ archive represents the necessity for documentation and memory, Guzmán’s guiding principles ever since he made The Battle of Chile some four decades ago.