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Post Show Panel: The Funfair

Disaffected youth. Unemployment. Growing pessimism towards politics. A crisis of capitalism? These were the prevailing themes when Ödön von Horváth wrote Kasimir and Karoline nearly a century ago, but these themes are also extremely relevant as a backdrop for Simon Stephens’ version, The Funfair, and today’s society.

The panel will be chaired by Jackie Stacey (Director of CIDRAL, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Arts and Languages at Manchester University) and comprises Walter Meierjohann, Petra Jane Tauscher, David Alderson (Senior Lecturer In English Literature, University of Manchester), Ian Parker (Psychoanalyst and Professor of Management, Leicester University), and Steve Parker (Henry Simon Professor of German, University of Manchester).

Presented in association with CIDRAL, University of Manchester.

This post show panel will be British Sign Language Interpreted.