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Portraits of Recovery present: Sustenance

We’re having a gallery picnic! Bring some vegan food, a blanket or cushion and join David Hoyle, Jackie Haynes and the project’s other artistic collaborators in a performative, durational conversation on the making of Apples and Other Fruit. Topics supplied in advance by guests will help to further explore and unpack LGBT+ community relationships with substance use, recovery and the desire for a cultural shift around the provision of alternative and more inclusive social provision.

Food sharing speaks to the ritual and repetition of addiction and recovery processes. Bringing a vegan food item to share is your entry ticket.

The evening will be relaxed, informal and a call to arms for community social change. The hope is for our conversational outcomes to inform our next step. Expect some surprises or special guests.

Dress code is to come as your favourite fruit or vegetable. A limited number of costume creations made by Jackie Haynes will be provided on the night for those not able to make or provide their own. Wearing fruit and vegetable costumes as a ‘radical approach to mental health’ for individuals in dialogue around LGBT+ issues of recovery from substance use, were qualities identified by David in conversation with Jackie at the project’s research stage.

A curated soundtrack by Recoverist Greg Thorpe will offer up some atmospheric sound-bites.

Curated by Mark Prest, PORe founding director.

UNSEEN – Simultaneous Realities is a Portraits of Recovery exhibitions project and is financially supported by Arts Council England through the National Lottery, the Cultural Capital Exchange – Collaborative Exchange Programme and SUPERBIA, which supports LGBT+ cultural events as part of Manchester Pride’s commitment to cultural events happening all year round across Greater Manchester.

Portraits of Recovery are a Manchester based, international visual arts charity. Founded in 2011 by Mark Prest, the organisation’s work supports people and communities affected by and in recovery from substance use to open up new ways of knowing and looking at the subject by working with contemporary visual art and artists.