Polish Cinema in Transition: From the 1970’s to the Present


This course will examine Polish cinema over the last three decades. In the 1970s, the time of the ‘cinema of moral concern,’ Polish cinema was internationally renowned with several of its key directors such as Wajda or Kieslowski, well-known names on international cinema circuits. However, Polish cinema today is almost unknown outside its own borders. This course will examine the transition between the dissident Polish cinema under communism and the current variety of mostly generic Polish cinema, in relation with key historical events such as the emergence of Solidarity, Martial law, the end of the socialist regime in 1989 and the more recent accession of Poland to the EU.

Beginners’ level – no prior knowledge necessary.

Led by Michael Goddard, Lecturer in Media and Performance at The University of Salford.

£60 full / £45 concessions.