Polish Cinema Conference (Dec 09) Call for Papers

An international conference, organised by Cornerhouse, Manchester, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw, Polish Film Institute and University of Central Lancashire, Preston and University of Salford.

The conference is part of POLSKA! YEAR in the United Kingdom, organised by Adam Mickiewicz Institute and supported by Polish Cultural Institute in London and Polish Consulate in Manchester.

This conference will consider Polish cinema in an international context and feature contributions from both leading Polish, UK and international academics, as well as professionals involved with the production, distribution, archiving and promotion of Polish films. The conference will especially address the question of why, given Polish cinema under communism’s wide dissemination and popularity, contemporary Polish cinema has much more difficulty in crossing international borders. The conference will be accompanied by a festival of Polish cinema, hosted by Cornerhouse and public discussions of Polish films. The conference is addressed to the academic community, as well as educators and promoters of Polish films and the public at large.


Organising committee

Prof. Ewa Mazierska, School of Journalism, Media and Communication, University of Central Lancashire

Dr. Michael Goddard, Lecturer in Media, Salford University

Subjects of papers may include but are not limited to:

Polish émigré filmmakers

Polish international co-productions

International successes and failures of Polish films

Polish films at international festivals

Polish cinema in the context of Eastern Europe and East-Central Europe

Polish cinema and the European avant-garde

Influence of Polish cinema on foreign films

The marketing of Polish films abroad

Adaptations of foreign works by Polish directors

Foreign characters and places in Polish films

Film and Polish migrations

The international reception of Polish films before and after 1989

Polish cinema and international film and critical theory

Special guests

Andrzej Zanussi, who made films in Poland and France

Andrzej Żuławski, renowned director, who made films in Poland and France

Keynote speakers

Prof. Ian Christie, Birkbeck, University of London, leading expert on European cinema and avant-garde film and video

Dr. Peter Hames, Staffordshire University, leading expert on Eastern European Cinema

Dr. Iwona Kurz, Warsaw University, leading expert on Polish cinema, academic and film critic

Prof. Tadeusz Lubelski, Jagiellonia University, leading expert on Polish cinema, academic and film critic

Prof. Mirosław Przylipiak, Pomeranian Academy in Słupsk, leading expert on Polish cinema, film critic and documentary filmmaker