Pilot Light TV Festival 2016

The first edition of the Pilot Light TV Festival arrives at HOME in May. While TV is a major part of pop culture, it’s typically watched alone. Pilot Light turns that idea on its head with a totally new, communal TV experience. This four-day event features exclusive screenings and Q&A panels based around the best past, present and future TV and web TV series.

Pilot Light is the perfect opportunity for TV fans and industry members alike to celebrate the TV they love so much, and discover new talent from the world of independent TV and web series production.

Find out more at pilotlightfestival.co.uk

Previously in this Festival

Nathan Barley

A retrospective screening and panel discussing Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker's under-appreciated, scarily prophetic satire about Nathan Barley; an idiotic, pretentious vlogging media figure living…

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Snuff Box 10th Anniversary

A 10th anniversary celebration of Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher's dark comedy surrounding two hangmen and their friendship, relationships and downright mutual depravity.

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Her Story

Her Story is the critically acclaimed web series telling the story of two trans women in Los Angeles who have given up on love, when…

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Hoff the Record

We open Season 1 of Pilot Light TV Festival with the exclusive Season 2 premiere of UKTV's Hoff the Record, the critically acclaimed British comedy follows…

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Hoff the Record Q&A

We will be joined for a post-screening Q&A with actors Mark Quartley and Fergus Craig.

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Indie TV Comedy Showcase

Pilot Light TV Festival presents a small selection of episodes from two outstanding contemporary comedy web series that represent and scream 'the next big thing'…

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Nathan Barley + Q&A

As part of this screening there will be a Q&A with actor Charlie Condu (Jonatton Yeah?) chaired by Andrew Harrison from The Guardian, writer of…

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Her Story Intro & panel discussion

This screening will begin with a Pilot Light exclusive filmed introduction from the cast & creators and will be proceeded by a panel discussion surrounding…

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The War Game

Peter Watkins is one of the great, unsung master filmmakers. Through an uncompromising, singular body of work, he has forged a reputation as one of…

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The War Game Q&A

We are very pleased to welcome Michael Bradsell, editor on The War Game for a Q&A following this screening. As well as The War Game,…

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Snuff Box 10th Anniversary Q&A

After this screening we will be joined by Snuff Box Co-Creator and star Matt Berry, Director Michael Cumming (Brass Eye, Toast of London) and producer…

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Indie TV Comedy Showcase Intro

We will be joined by Steven Cartoccio, creator of Concrete Jungle who will introduce the screening.

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