Participants wanted for new experimental film

We’re working with artist Jamie Shovlin on an exciting new project to produce a feature-length film and installation, Rough Cut. This will take the form of what Shovlin has described as a ‘metamentary’, an approach that will combine documentary with scripted dramatic sequences.

Rough Cut captures the attempt to create a film-within-a-film, a vintage slasher/horror set in an American summer camp in the 1970s. This is called Hiker Meat and is not a separate film but the source, the subject and the inspiration behind Rough Cut.

Think of Rough Cut as the donut, with Hiker Meat as the red, gooey jam-centre in the middle.

Set in an American summer camp in the 1970s, Hiker Meat is intended as a perfect example of the exploitation genre complete with appropriate standards/clichés; from a hitchhiking girl with a troubled past and the charismatic leader of a commune to a group of good-looking teens exploring a dark cellar. It will also feature on-screen destruction and a threatening, monstrous presence – with all effects authentically created by hand.

While Hiker Meat as a fully-scripted feature remains fated at the outset to remain unrealised and incomplete, key sections will be recreated by our cast and crew. These scenes will be contrasted with on-set footage and with details of the development of the soundtrack, storyboards, design and models, combining to form a feature-length work.

And we need YOU

There are two distinct opportunities available, both of which result in appearing within Rough Cut (Hiker Meat) with an on-screen credit. These opportunities are unpaid but expenses, meals and travel will be provided where appropriate, together with a plus-one invite to the North West Premiere (est. Oct/Nov 2013) and exhibition launch (Jan 2014).

Option 1:
We require male and female participants, both ‘sporty’ and otherwise, aged 18 – 35 for a Summer Camp picnic and softball sequence to be recorded at a location in the Lake District. Of this group, 3-4 will be selected as ‘victims’ for short, close-up death scenes (think wide-eyed screaming and very little else!)

For an indication of our intentions, please see a mash-up montage using vintage movie clips of the intended Hiker Meat trailer.

You must be available on the following dates: Sun 16 – Tue 18 June 2013. Some participants (not all) will be required to stay overnight in Grizedale, Lake District. Camp bed accommodation will be provided. Travel costs for all participants will be met, as will all food and refreshments.

We are particularly seeking men with mid-length haircuts (that is, not razored or shaved/cropped) and women with shoulder-length hair or longer, although this is not compulsory.

No previous experience required but you must provide a face photograph and DOB when making contact by email.

Option 2:
We require male and female participants aged 18+ able to portray and maintain a convincing American accent for a full read-through of the entire Hiker Meat script in a central Manchester recording studio. This process will also be filmed on camera for use in Rough Cut. Elements of this read-through will be used to deliberately over-dub the screen participants in the scripted dramatic sequences (see Option 1), while additional material may also be used as part of subsequent gallery installations related to the project.

For this option you must be available on the following dates: 10.00 – 18.00 / Sun 30 June – Tue 2 July 2013.

No previous experience required but again you must provide a face photograph and DOB when making contact by email.

To Apply

Please apply via email with a photograph, contact details and an indication of which of the options you would like to nominate yourself for, to before Fri 31 May at 17.00.