Panel Discussion/ marxism today

Catherine Feely (The University of Manchester) will chair this discussion with Alexander Gallas (Lancaster University), Nina Power (senior lecturer, Roehampton University) and Alberto Toscano (Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths), exploring the issues raised in Phil Collins’ work marxism today, including the question of the continuing relevance of Marxist ideas in the present day.

Some of the key issues raised will include:

  • Why do we still study Marx’s work and ideas?
  • How has our understanding of Marxist theory changed since 1989?
  • Has the recent financial crisis led to a resurgence of interest in Marxism?
  • How has Marxist theory influenced the explanation of, and protests against, current conditions?
  • Does Marxism have a future?

Phil Collins will be present in the audience and available to chat to about his work following the discussion.

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