overexposed is a bimonthly showcase dedicated to regional filmmaking and the best new short films being made today by Northwest’s independent filmmakers

overexposed takes place every two months through 2006: February, April, June, August, October and December, offering filmmakers the rare opportunity to see their work in the medium it was meant for – the big screen – and on a regular basis.

Each event is themed and will draw from a pool of existing films (made in the last three or four years) as well as new work.

Most screenings also takes place in the presence of the filmmaker who usually stays on for Q&A afterwards.

If you have a short film you’d like considering for later showcases, please send a VHS or DVD copy asap to the programmers at:

Ra Page / Sarah Perks



70 Oxford Street

Manchester M1 5NH

Alternatively you can leave films at our box-office clearly marked ‘overexposed entry’ and ‘f.a.o. Ra Page / Sarah Perks’

Please also include full contact details, a brief note about how, where and when you made the film, and details any previous screenings.

Never send an original or mastercopy for selection. Always have a back-up copy. The programmers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to tapes entered.

All films, except documentaries need to be 10mins or under (docs can be up to 15mins).

For more information email overexposed@cornerhouse.org

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