On The Big Screen: Sat 2 – Fri 15 February 2008

The Bigger Picture plays host to a special programme dedicated to Cornerhouse’s own youth project LiveWire, which is open to young people aged 14 -19.

The three films featuring in the programme were all shot at the second LiveWire Film Camp, which took place at Lanehead in Coniston and, thanks to funding from Media Box, 23 young people were able to take part! The young filmmakers had complete ownership of the film and they were involved in the entire filmmaking process. This programme features the final results.

First up is C.R.U.M.P.I.T. a tongue-in-cheek, science fiction parody about a plague that wipes out all women. The film follows two men from the year 2050 who return to the present day to find a woman to restore the population of the future.

Also being screened is Origin, another sci-fi short that that follows a confused young woman stuck in a vicious cycle of memory loss.

Finally, we are proud to present Scratching the Surface. Shot at the first LiveWire film camp this highly stylised short film offers a surreal glimpse into the corners of a man’s memory.  

LiveWire is a free to join project and runs throughout the year. For more information check out www.livewire-manchester.com