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On the Big Screen: Open Submissions, round 4

The fourth in the series for 2006, The Bigger Picture’s Open Submissions presents the work of John Baugh, Kate Jessop, Stuart Simpson and Thomas Newton.

Sigma Draconis (2006), by John Baugh, has been specifically developed to exploit the Big Screen using the medium as a digital canvas situated in public space. Baugh’s recent work explores the mechanics of 3D modeling and animation, which is used to create kinetic digital sculpture. The repeating animations are constructed using 3D animation software and consist of circular symmetrical structures.

Manchester based artist filmmaker and Girls on Film collective member, Kate Jessop, has submitted Computer Song (2006) for exhibition on Big Screen Manchester. Made in a week the film combines animation and live action, and looks to illustrate one mans frustration with technology.

4Walls (2006) by Stuart Simpson and commissioned by The City Gallery, Leicester, investigates the life that exists beyond the confines of the home: the neighbours. Based upon the experiences of an eclectic group of participants, a database of stories and anecdotes has been created for a digital artwork of sound and moving image. This film adaptation contains a selection of real-life narratives which explore the underbelly of living in the company of ‘virtual’ strangers; the sounds that permeate the brick and concrete that penetrate our private lives; the arguments, the love making, the pets that scream away the day. 4Walls is a neighbourhood confessional of private moments for the public domain.

Finally a must watch is Thomas Newton’s Wingbeats (2006). In this film Newton combines his interest in birds’ flightpaths with that of experimental musical composition; using custom-developed software to track the movements of the birds, each movement is translated directly into music. Before our very eyes motion-paths of birds become aerial sculptures – the results are breathtaking.

4Walls (2006) by Stuart Simpson has been made with camera operator Lisa Kelly, and made possible by the support of Arts Council England, Leicester City Council, Nottingham Trent University, and The City Gallery. Stuart Simpson wishes to extend thanks to all the neighbour participants.