On The Big Screen: Best of exposures

The Bigger Picture is proud to present a special programme dedicated to the Best of the exposures UK Student Film Festival. The programme will feature the winners from some of the main categories.

First up is Anna Levin’s, Friendly Fire a short surreal drama and winner of the Best of the North-West Award in which Cupid is on his last warning after being a little too eager with his ‘bow and arrow’.

Next up is the winner of the Drama category Hide. This short film by James Easter follows the fortunes of a man trying to do good with almost devastating consequences.

Also being shown is Tidy Monster by Tim Merchant. This short winner of the animation category is a rather creepy piece about an irregular monster who is rather proud about his scare mongering and tidying abilities.

The next film in the programme is Experimental winner Strings. This short piece by Rob Brandon takes us into a surreal world where the inspiration is brought to life visually through the use of string.

Made Backwards is the final film in the programme. This short comedy and winner of the Corona Extra Audience Award by Dean Walton is a funny insight into the world of scriptwriting. The story follows Martin, a middle-aged man who used to be a successful scriptwriter and who tells of the secret to his success…cheese!