On The Big Screen: 9 June – 13 July 2007

Big Screen Manchester plays host to the first of two specially curated programmes marking the passing of a decade since Hong Kong’s handover to China, by screening a magical array of Hong Kong animation interdespersed with out of date / regional advertisement.
All selections pursue an individual style and content, imaginative, hopeful, nostalgic and critical. Works are not only a reflection of the reality of the past, but also imply a vision of the future.

The selection include:

9 – 29 June:

  • Paper Child (2004), Dir: Cheng Pui Sze.
    What is animation? When you flip over a stack of consecutive drawings, you have animation. Traditional Chinese revolving lams work on the same principle. When they revolve, the drawings on them become animation. This is a story about a paper cutting character Paper Child who has an adventure in the revolving lamp. Everything in the revolving lamp is 2-D paper cutting… and somehow, Paper Child becomes 3-D.
  • Utopia (2004), Dir: Chan Wai May.
    A character enters a pictorial world where he likes it so much, he asks what will happen next?
  • Dearrabbit (2004), Dir: Mok Pui Yuk.
    This animation chronicles the dark desperate journey of Dear Rabbit. He spurns the opportunity to live longer.
  • Very Fantastic (2001), Dir: So Man Yee.
    Very Fantastic includes good ghosts and strange Hong Kong pre-war building references in a move to convey the importance of the preservation of Hong Kong’s own culture.
  • A mid-night story (2005), Dir: Antonio Wong Hoi-chung.
    This story is about a conflict between a small pushcart and a big garbage truck.
  • The tired city (2005), Dir John Chan and Pam Hung.
  • Mind Blossom (2006), Dir Winnie Choi Lai-Wan.

30 June – 13 July:

  • Shanghai avant la pluie, Sookoon Ang, music by mondialito
  • My good time, Welby Chung, music by Natural Q (Taipei)
  • Travelling cities, Ernest Fung
  • You can do anything, Poon Yick Sum, music by WEEKEND
  • Climax MV – Rock my Planet, John Chan, music by Elphonso Lam
  • Colour Scratch, CHENG Chi-shing, Philip LEE

 With thanks to Tereza Kwong Independent Short Film & Video Awards, HKAC, The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong, and Ying Kwok, Curator Chinese Arts Centre Manchester. This programme will tour to Melbourne Australia, Federation Square.