On the Big Screen: 9 December 2006 – 5 January 2007

Collective Rhythm & Overnight MuteLoops

The Bigger Picture’s dedicated dance and moves strand, Collective Rhythm, returns this winter to fill Exchange Square with magical moments for the festive period. Includes 

Miranda Pennell’s Magnetic North
Between the solitary skating girls in the great outdoors, and the solitary guitar-boys in the dingy indoors, this magnetic northern landscape evokes an enigmatic world of adolescent fantasy, yearning and imagination.

David Hinton/Rosemary Lee, Snow
An eight-minute dance film created by editing moments of black and white archive footage from the 1890s to the 1960s.

Victoria Marks & Margaret Williams, Men & Cover Up
Men is an exquisite original dance film performed by 7 elderly men who are retired from careers as miners, teachers, accountants and law, and who have never performed before. The theme of the piece is mortality, with the ephemerality of human lives set against the permanence of the Canadian Rockies. This piece is a living requiem, a celebration of lives well lived. Cover meanwhile, explores a world beneath the snow.

Also, don’t miss…

Running after dark, for seven hours straight, Overnight MuteLoops presents…

Nick Crowe’s Spider and Ants near Lehnitz (2006)

A deceptively simple nature film of a spider and several ants going about their daily lives… These insects, both of which we associate with the human trait of constructing a built environment, are captured in the dappled sunlight of a woodland setting north of Berlin. Whilst the solitary spider and highly socialable ant may be seen to stand for two extremes of human behaviour, it is their mutually oblivious co-existence that this film explores.