On the Big Screen: 3 – 16 November 2007

The Bigger Picture is proud to present Frozen Waves, a programme of five films that were commissioned for Yama, a public arts programme hosted on the roof of the Marmara Pera Hotel in the centre of Istanbul.

Babak Ghazi’s choose1 explores how everyday experiences and choices are formulated within social and economic structures. Frequently employing found imagery, text and other ephemera Ghazi collages notions of lifestyle anchored in material culture, marking out the terms of the relationship between commerce and creativity.

In 1998 the words Mustafa Hulusi began appearing on posters and advertising hoardings on the streets of London. The intent was unclear, there seemed to be no product to advertise, no company to recognise and the identity of Mustafa Hulusi remained, for most people, a mystery. For Frozen Waves Hulusi has made Expander, an animated version of the billboard poster design, an abstract graphic that revolves in an opulent colour scheme intermittently flashing the text ISTANBUL.

Paul Snowden’s IN THE FUTURE functions as a self-styled environment in which fragments of conversation, phrases and imagery are clipped from their sources and reformulated within his design. Snowden’s material is gathered from the subcultures expressed in consumer choices in music and fashion and style.

Nope by Mark Titchner explores the relationship between word and action. Sculptures, posters and animated video work feature slogans that appear to refer to some indistinct spirituality or undefined agency. Heavily stylised with block text or strobing messages and clashes of intricate geometric pattern, they suggest forms of visual hypnosis and subliminal communication inferring the capacity for language to control, suppress or affirm.

Eva Weinmayr’s work addresses systems for immediate communication, the invention of symbols and shorthand expressions in language; in signage, advertising and newspaper headlines. For Frozen Waves she has made We Are Racing to God Aligning With the Shipwrecks by the Blue Galaxies. (Well, Well Do Not Exaggerate!) a short film about an urgent message that cannot be communicated.