On The Big Screen 2- 5 May

Over the next week Manchester’s 5th Commonwealth Film Festival will be bringing around 200 films to Manchester for your viewing pleasure, with four of these gems being welcomed to Big Screen Manchester as part of The Bigger Picture. One particularly outstanding piece comes from the Commonwealth Film Festival’s Moves, a programme dedicated to showcasing performing arts shorts and documentaries; Daniel Belton’s Game, is an experimental film that examines holographics and healing. Also from Moves, The Bigger Picture will be screening Pod, Dir: Shelley Love, a film that features people playing with cling film! Other highlights are Australian Director Austin Andrew’s How My Neighbour Discovered Life on Mars, a whimsical wish-fulfilment tale about a young boy who dreams of discovering extra-terrestrial life, and the next door neighbour who makes it happen, plus Edith Pieperhoff’s Skeleton Woman, a haunting and beautiful Inuit folktale.