On the Big Screen: 19 May – Fri 8 June 2007

Selections from The Bigger Picture’s second round of open submissions for 2007 have been made. The theme was ‘sport’ in the widest sense.

Over the coming weeks don’t miss the following films

  • Paul Grimmer, Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement examines interaction, challenging certain physical and mental assumptions and attempting to uncover invisible patterns. The work examines obsession and the structuring of existence, making links between visible routines and the unseen neural processes that support them.

A static camera documents the action of the subject performing the 11 Katas (routines) from white to black belt in ‘Wado Ryu’ Karate style. Presented as a guide or a set of instructions, each combination of movements is carefully conceived to protect against, or overcome an invisible opponent – a role that is offered to the viewer.

The Rules of Engagement was created through a joint commission from Inspire, Wansbeck District Council, Blyth Valley Council and Arts Council England for the Temporary Address programme in 2006.

  • Sadie Tierney, Road Buzz Trailer

Film cohort saft & boneless follow UK downhill skateborders to European mountains and interview riders about trust, fear and obsession.

  • Lee Kirby, Gloved Up

A slice-of-life documentary that takes a look at amateur boxing through the eyes of those involved down at the local community gym. Roy Richardson has been coaching for over 30 years, and at 73 his passion for the sport is still going strong.