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On the Big Screen: 17 March – 6 April 2007

Two programmes – Candella Films / VIVA programme of digital shorts for the full period and then as an extra between just the Sat 17 March and Friday 23 March inclusive, Exhale by ‘Virtual Migrants’

Sat 17 March – Friday 6 April 2007

13 ¡VIVA! 2007:
Short film programme by Candella Films (Mariela Artiels)

The first week of April is a last chance to see Candella Films (Mariela Artiels) programmed selection of Spanish and American shorts, which bring Viva!, Cornerhouse’ annual fiesta of Spanish & Latin American cinema, to Big Screen Manchester. Selected films include: El Viaje De Said (Said’s Journey), dir Coke Riobóo (Spain); Magma, dir Vincente Navarro (Spain); Changes, dir Daniel Martínez (Spain). 
With thanks to: Mónica Gallego Gordillo from Agencia Audiovisual FREAK and Elisa Gilli García from Lolita Peliculitas Artes Visuales, SL.

Sat 17 March – Friday 23 March 2007

To mark… Exhale the event… 5 years of video, music, electronic art reflecting asylum and migration in a new world order, by Virtual Migrants

From 2001-2006, Virtual Migrants engaged with UK artists and communities intent on reconstructing the polemical landscape and varying experiences of asylum in a globalised post-9/11 world. Using moving image, video, interactive multimedia, photography, audio, music, installation and collaborative practice, these works collide documentary realism with poetic imagination yet retain an intimacy between the personal and the epic. On 23 February 2007, Virtual Migrants will celebrate and present a range of the work produced over the last five years, whilst also launching their national publication, Exhale.
Leading up to the event, The Bigger Picture, Big Screen Manchester, will screen two films produced between 2001-2006 from the wider Virtual Migrants body of work; Stranger by Keith Piper, documented by Kooj Chuhan, and I Think I Know You by Kooj Chuhan with young refugee women from West London.