On the Big Screen: 15 -21 July

WK 29

Collective Rhythm

dance, moves and rhythmic experiments on the Big Screen

15 – 21 July 2006

22 July 2006, 10.15am – late, (look out for more information about Big Dance 2006!)

A poetic and visually compelling programme of works of contemporary dance for the screen, this weeks’ programme is set to whet your appetite for Big Dance 2006. Big Dance is a national celebration of dance with a huge range of fun dance events taking place throughout the country. This year Urban Moves, an official festival of worldwide Cities That Dance, is leading the way for Manchester with an breathtaking programme of live events and activity throughout the city centre, and The Bigger Picture is partnering with the festival’s programme by presenting Collective Rhythm throughout the entire day.

Collective Rhythm is The Bigger Picture’s new programme strand established to exhibit a range of dance and movement inspired film & video. The second screening in the series, this weeks’ line up will be a powerful showcase of award winning dance films, where choreography and cinematography meet in a unique hybrid art form.

The Bigger Picture on Big Screen Manchester is pleased to be welcoming dynamic video pieces by Rachel Davies, David Hinton & Yolande Snaith, Brett Turnball & Daniel O-Neil, David Anderson & Liz Aggiss and Miranda Pennell.


Rachel Davies, Loose in Flight (1995)

Using Kathak as a structural base, award winning Akram Khan continuously attempts to breakout into lyrical passages of contemporary action. Akram Khan’s dance company’s, (the Akram Khan Company), objective is to explore the relationship between Western Modern dance techniques and the traditional South Asian dance form Kathak. Moves is a bi-annual festival occurring

David Anderson & Liz Aggiss, Motion Control (2001)

Motion Control tells a tale of a lone figure trying to escape, but from what, we are not sure. A breathless duet between camera and performer, the electric movements of dancer and choreographer Liz Aggiss are a visual delight. The work moves from what seems to be a conventional dance for the camera piece, but results in something much different – the editing, colour, sound and music are superb and the work offers a true cinematic experience. Our expectations are challenged with every move.

David Hinton & Yolande Snaith, Birds (2000)

Made entirely from found archive footage. The natural movements of birds are turned into an exhilarating dance.

Dan O’Neill & Brett Turnbull, The Linesman (2000)

A fascinating view of the role of a man on the fringe of an amateur game of football. The linesman takes his job seriously, moving up and down the line, avoiding human and inanimate obstacles. His movements echo those of the players and eventually become entangled in the game with unfortunate consequences.


Miranda Pennell, Magnetic North (2003)

Between the solitary skating girls in the great outdoors, and the solitary guitar-boys in the dingy indoors, this magnetic northern landscape evokes an enigmatic world of adolescent fantasy, yearning and imagination.

Magnetic North was filmed entirely on location in Haukipudas and Oulu, Finland.


With thanks to Arts Council England and Rachel Davies.

The Bigger Picture screens on the Big Screen in Exchange Square, Manchester, Monday – Friday at 9.00am, 12noon, 2.05pm, 5pm, 10.35pm, and at various times throughout the weekend. This schedule is subject to change.