On The Big Screen 15 -19 May

The start of May saw Bulbo members Cristina Velasco and Lorena Fuentes Aymes, artists in residence at Cornerhouse during April, return to Tijuana, Mexico, where they will start work on the documentary piece they are producing about their time in the UK. As a fitting close to their time here The Bigger Picture is exhibiting their work alongside Richard Ramchurn’s Decolage a music video produced for Congonese rumba-fusion artist Jean Azip, a video produced with support from Lets Go Global and Community Arts North West, and screened, in part, as part of the Bulbo / Lets Go Global multi-channel broadcast ‘Bulbo Broadcast: Alternative Media as Social Space’. In addition work produced by Kath Healy, one of Liverpool based tenantspin’s participants, another Bulbo Broadcast partner projects, produced a looped time-lapse view from her flat, filmed over the course of a day in Summmer 2004. The film was first exhibited as part of Living It Up : The Tower Block Story at the Museum of Liverpool Life and The Bigger Picture is now proud to welcome it to Big Screen Manchester.

Also, as one residency ends another begins with Chinese Arts Centre welcoming Wai Yan Chan to Manchester as part of the centre’s Whisper residency programme for emerging UK based artists. Wai Yan Chan’s work will screen as part of The Bigger Picture for one week only, so don’t miss out and make sure you catch Matches(2004), People Comes, People Goes (2005), Nothing Really Happens (2006), Starry Night (2006) and Reputation (2006).