On the Big Screen: 14 July – 10 August 2007

In July & August, you can catch an exciting programme of screen dance and moves from The Bigger Picture’s Collective Rhythm.
Falling at the same time as Rachel Davies’ exhibition The Assembly, in Cornerhouse Gallery 3, don’t miss the chance to see the return of her award winning ‘Gold’ (2004), and breathtaking works by David Anderson/Liz Aggis, Adam Roberts/Jonathan Burrows, Christinn Whyte/Jake Messenger, and Margaret Williams/Miriam King.

Programme details:

  • Rachel Davies ‘Gold’ (2004)
    ‘Gold’ is an energetic dance on screen gem, and winner of the prestigious Grand Prix Dance Screen Award at IMZ Festival in 2005. ‘Gold’ is built around two young gymnasts dancing to drum and bass in their local gym. The film forms a magical and adrenaline-fuelled world, and evokes the promise of freedom in early teenage years.
  • David Anderson/Liz Aggis ‘Motion Control’ (2001)
    Motion Control tells a tale of a lone figure trying to escape, but from what, we are not sure. A breathless duet between camera and performer, the electric movements of dancer and choreographer Liz Aggiss are a visual delight. The work moves from what seems to be a conventional dance for the camera piece, but results in something much different – the editing, colour, sound and music are superb and the work offers a true cinematic experience. Our expectations are challenged with every move.
  • Adam Roberts/Jonathan Burrows ‘Hands’
    ‘Hands’ is an exquisite piece of film: an unexpected, eloquent, seemingly simple yet intensely concentrated dance for a pair of hands.
  • Christinn Whyte/Jake Messenger ‘Text Field’ (2002)
    This animation was created using footage of a single continuous sequence of improvised movement, translated into ASII-based animation, with a soundtrack generated by a computer reading of the sequence’s final frame.
  • Margaret Williams/Miriam King ‘Fountain’ (2000)
    This nine-minute dance film combines the everyday with the magical, exploring different peoples’ perceptions of the same place. The main characters are an old lady, a teenager and … something else.

The Bigger Picture screens on Big Screen Manchester in Exchange Square, Monday – Friday, after the news at 9.00am, after the news at 12noon, 2.05pm and after the news at 5.00pm, 10.35pm, and at various times throughout the weekend. Schedule subject to change.