On The Big Screen: 12 – 25 August 2006

12 – 25 August 2006

The third in the series for 2006, this round of Open Submissions has attracted wide ranging entries, reflected by the programme of works selected. Karen Lamb’s Pig’s Dream is a delightful animation about a little pig that has a big dream to become a children’s piggy bank. Don’t miss the surprise ending!

Mary Stark’s, Bus Bingo, Supermarket Grand Prix and Oxford Road Daily Chase, is inspired by everyday repetitive activities, you might be a star of the film yourself so keep an eye out! (With thanks to Gala Bingo, Bellevue, Asda Hulme, Ladbrokes, Oxford Road Train Station and the pedestrians of Oxford Road Manchester).

Standing in stark contrast, Adela Jones’, Barley Sea’ takes us away from the hustle and bustle of the city and asks us to patiently wait for the ‘green sea’ to be still. Her new series of films, shot in the fields and along the lanes where she grew up in Cheshire, take us to another place and offers a moment of rest creating space for contemplation.

Tina Gonzales, will be screening two works as part of this programme, Ferment and Somewhere Between. Gonzales video works explore complex and emotional landscapes. Her abstract work is rich and painterly.

Sophie MacCorquodale’s, Our Day Out By The Sea, is what it says – documentation of a day at Rhyl Suncentre out of the holiday season, but with a modernist twist!?

Paul Melia, 92 Sounds for John Cage is literally 92 sounds for the late John Cage, composer of chance music and inventor of the prepared piano. Forty-nine sounds recorded in a variety of places are catalogued and assigned to a keyboard. David Carter uses this to perform a specially composed piece of music consisting of exactly forty-three sounds.