On The Big Screen: 11 – 31 August 2007


Sat 11 August – Fri 31 August 2007

Blackpool Kaleidoscope

The Bigger Picture welcomes a fantastic programme from North West Film Archive – one to celebrate the belated arrival of summer! Blackpool Kaleidoscope is a beautiful old promotional film from the 60s that champions all things Blackpool and particulalry British beach-life in its heyday. Don’t miss a heap of fun from archive footage of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach to everthing ranging from ‘Best Dog Competition’ to Crazy Golf!

With thanks to the North West Film Archive.

Sat 18 August – Fri 24 August 2007

On Overnight MuteLoop…

Olympia, George Chakravarthi

Chakravartrhi’s awarding winning Olympia, captures the essence of Manet’s painting and re-works it by adding further complexities. Chakravarthi is seen as ‘Olympia’, a sexually ambiguous figure, dark, transfixed and oblivious to his/her white, male servant. The tension between the two characters is filled with ambiguity too, suggesting emotions of, love, hate, lust and obsession. As with the symbolism of hair seen in Resurrection, a previous re-work of Leonardo’s ‘The Last supper’ to suggest loss of power, conformity and identity – the flowers here symbolise expressions of seduction, love, worship, death and surrender.


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