On The Big Screen: 10 – 20 October 2006

NOISE on the Big Screen

NOISE is the national showcase for creative talent aged between 25 and under, uncovering the next generation of creative talent in the UK. Over the next fortnight The Bigger Picture will be screening a number of video works from the festival.

StrayTailor, Stage, a wonderful fairytale-like animation that reflects the collective’s diverse backgrounds in film, photography, illustration and music.

Nicola Valsamakis He’e Nalu, a fun hand-drawn animation that tracks the drama of a surfer’s journey as he rides the waves.

Chris Lam’s Rosalind, a colourful abstract animation of the body in movement.

Luke Marsh’s Four very short films, a series of beautifully hand-drawn animations that take an affectionate and humorous look the everyday ups and downs of daily life.

Chris Boyd’s The Calling, a painterly multilayered narrative that examines the relationship between nature and technology through the medium of films itself. Boyd is a young star in the making, having already received a microwave award from FACT, won the Big Art Challenge on Channel 5 and in 2005 a Priestly prize.