On The Big Screen: 1 – 7 July

Step Up: The North West’s Schools’ Arts Festival, 2006

1 – 7 July 2006

This week on The Bigger Picture catch selections from a Step Up programme of media arts and film work from the North West’s Specialist Media Arts Colleges and schools.

The programme features works from Halewood Community Comprehensive (Liverpool), Turton Media Arts College (Bolton) and Newall Green High School (Greater Manchester).

Turton High School presents a classic with Trevor & Rover , a short animation by Corona Promotions and a homage to Wallace and Gromit! Also coming straight out of Bolton’s Turton High are Addiction: Smoking and Peer Pressure: Self Harm, both from Alistair MacDonald’s Human Nature Series, a group of animations and text based works that address difficult issues facing many young people today, plus Year 7 Media Club presents Red Balloon, a tale of friendship, joy, sadness, loss and memory.

Newall Green and Halewood College’s offerings take a somewhat more experimental approach. Sand Art executed by Newall Green pupils is a playful abstract video piece – pattern, movement and light are key to this work, whilst Halewood’s Untitled investigates the medium of film. A performative work, Untitled has many layers and employs a whole host of combinations and techniques – stop frame imagery, glitches and purposeful sound drop out are just a few.

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