On the Big Screen: 1 – 14 December 2007

The Bigger Picture is proud to present the 4th round of film selected in our Open Submissions programme. Open Submissions 04 will feature works by Kim Alexander, Conor Kelly, Dana Dorian, Debbie Howard, Kirk Woolford and Ivana Dara and Eleanor MacFarlane.

Highlights of the daytime programme include Kirk Woolford’s Will.0.w1sp, in which we see the mythical being come to life on the Big Screen, Dana Dorien’s Hip Hip Hurray! and Debbie Howards Black or White?

Hip Hip Hurray! is a sweet animation that features a four year old boy who talks about birthday parties in Scotland.

Black or White? is a questions and answers piece in which members of the general public are asked a series of simple questions with sometimes unexpected and comical responses.

Joining the programme as part of Overnight MuteLoops which runs from 12midnight until 7am is Eleanor MacFarlane’s visual piece Mirror, Signal which features a pair of hands indicating and signaling to passers by.

Special thanks to Kelly Burgess, Duncan Hay, Charlotte Pedley and Cornerhouse who selected the films being shown as part of Open Submissions 04.