On-line 3D: multi-user forums and discussion lists

The central nerve of new media discussion exist in mailing lists, 3D multi-user spaces and other virtual environments. What is the essence and experience of virtual text spaces that bring so many diverse contributors to one or multi-user communication spaces? What is the community talking about? Taylor Nuttell, artist and Director, Folly Gallery, Lancaster ‘folly’ list http://www.folly.co.uk/Beryl Graham, Research Fellow, University of Sunderland, new media curating list owner http://www.stare.com/beryl/cv/index.htmJason Rutter, Research Fellow CRIC, The University of Manchester, Digiplay discussion listserv owner http://www.digiplay.org.uk/Melinda Rackham, Artist, empyre list, will join the conversation by web-cam from Sydney, Australia. http://www.subtle.netModerator: Kathy Rae Huffman, Cornerhouse, Manchester, FACES list. http://www.faces-l.orgThis event is FREE but tickets must be booked in advance from Box Office.