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Nuestra voz de tierra, memoria y futura + introduction

Introduced by Prof. Andy Willis, University of Salford, on Mon 9 Mar.

Film details

This 2k digital restoration of a 1982 documentary is a collaborative effort by the Colombian political filmmakers Marta Rodríguez and Jorge Silva and the indigenous farmers of Coconuco, in the southwestern highlands. Combining a Marxist cinematic visual language with an indigenous cosmogony, the film depicts the centuries-long oppression and resistance of farmers and indigenous peoples.

In striking black-and-white, the content ranges from interviews, rallies and meetings, to mythologised scenes with the Devil. It is a powerful advocate for unity and organisation in the face of exploitation by both colonial family landowners and international corporations, and of oppression by the government, the church and the military. Featuring a great use of montage and sound to convey meaning, from folk music to the sharpening of machetes.