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Noise + Signal

Would you like to see your body rhythms as part of an artwork?

Come down to the annexe, where artist Daksha Patel will respond to live data from biosensors including skin galvanometers, pulse monitors and electroencephalography (EEG).

Participants will be invited to wear sensors while they wander around Cornerhouse, and the data will be sent via wifi to Daksha as she works in the annexe. The signals will be projected onto a large easel which Daksha will draw upon. The drawings will ‘map’ people’s responses to the spaces around them, visualising the data as a combination of noise and signals.

Everyone is welcome to participate, either by wearing a sensor and meandering around Cornerhouse or by watching Daksha at work and asking questions about the process.

However, if you only have a very specific and limited amount time and would like to wear a sensor, email isabelle.croissant@cornerhouse.org, specifying the time you will arrive at and length you will be there for). We will do our best to make sure a sensor is available for you to wear at this time.