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Move Film Festival: Programme 2

The Move Film Festival showcases emerging and innovative talent from Manchester School of Art. Join our premiere of short films from young, distinct voices within our collective; Whether it’s narrative, artist moving image or documentary, there’s something for everyone.

The line up of screenings for Programme 2 are: 

h o p e .
Dir Joseph Croft/10 mins
….slowly she loses her mind to the dancefloor.

The Hullabaloo at Hornbeam Farm
Dir Matthew Whistance/7 mins
A stop motion western about a woman with the ability to talk to plants attempting to save a farm from drought, despite its strange inhabitants.

Dir Julia Krawcewicz/13 mins
A young immigrant woman – powerless in the face of a bigoted threat – summons an ancient Polish water demon to exact revenge on her abusers.

The Hanks Jamboree
Dir Marcus Lezard/8 mins
Two stubborn friends attending a Tom Hanks themed costume party fight over who will change after seeing that they are both dressed as Forrest Gump.

Death is Final
Dir Tatiana Kilpatrick/10 mins
A short film exploring the life and death of the filmmaker’s great-grandmother, who lived through ‘The Troubles’ as a mother of 14 children.

The Beat
Dir Ben Higginson/12 mins
the story of a young police constables first week. He’s ready to fight crime, but is he ready for the psychological conflict he will face?

Ten Human Years
Dir Sonny Givnan/6 mins
Ten Human Years of Preta Eshana chronicles the life of a spirit who is granted passage to the human world to investigate human emotions.

Kev the Corpse
Dir Rosie Oxer/8 mins
What’s the worst thing to happen to a mother? Her son dying? Wrong. Her son rising from the dead and eating the family cat.

Bone Idle
Dir Lewis Ainsworth/10 mins
After a series of noise complaints, due to Darren’s night-time activities. Darren throws his biggest party yet, which breaks out into chaos and violence, falling on the day of the inspection.

Late Nights
Dir Charlene Jones/7 mins
The story of a casual relationship and knowing when to walk away

Please note the certification for this event is an 18 and the run-time is approximately 92 mins.